Whispered Movistar Will Install The Hgu Router For Free To Current Customers With The Highest Rates Secrets

Movistar Will Install The Hgu It was there in 2015 when Movistar given its HGU wireless router (Home Gateway Unit, likewise referred to as the Smart WiFi Router) and also announced that it will achieve all the clients of its in 2016. After effectively testing it at a beginning stage, the progressive deployment of this particular wireless router set about almost all in a single which helped upgrading the 3 existing products (ONT, decoder and router).

Movistar Will Install The Hgu Router For Free To Current Customers
Movistar Will Install The Hgu Router For Free To Current Customers

Since that time, Movistar has put in the HGU wireless router for no cost to all its brand new roughage customers, though users that were actually clients have been forced to spend a supplement to exchange their outdated products. Nevertheless, as ADSLZone has progressed and has been in a position to verify Xataka Mobile, the business will start installing the HGU router for no cost to individuals Priority clients that don’t but get it in the next several days.

To begin with, it must be mentioned that, beyond the saving in plugs and space that this all-in-one router entails, the HGU additionally gets better the WiFi network, since it is able to provide as much as 300 Mbps through the rings of 2.4 as well as 3.5 GHz; Additionally, it performs as a videobridge, therefore it’s also helpful for clients with more than a single tv with Movistar TV.

Building Relationships With Movistar Will Install The Hgu Router For Free To Current Customers With The Highest Rates

Although it’s correct that the first cost of 118 euros which had to be compensated by those buyers that needed to exchange their old gear with the HGU has become bit by bit decreasing, it’s nevertheless required to disburse fifty euros in case you would like to buy the self installing Smart WiFi Router or maybe hundred euros in case you choose with installation (forty and ninety euros respectively in the present marketing right now).

Based on ADSLZone, nonetheless, Movistar plans to start calling progressively to current clients that pay the higher charges and still have aged products to provide them the chance of changing their outdated router with the HGU for totally free.

In Xataka Mobile, we’ve contacted the operator and confirmed that it is going to be a progressive deployment and that it’ll start out from October seven. They haven’t provided us with more specifics regarding the provinces in which the replacement of tools will start, nor the certain amount of clients and products which will be influenced by it.

It’s not known what special rates are going to enjoy this choice, but from Movistar they’ve assured us that they’ll examine the park of existing equipment as well as the very first beneficiaries will be Priority clients, that’s, those customers who presently have contracted probably the highest Fusion rates and that like this premium service concentrated on providing a far more personalized attention.

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