My Fit: what it offers and how to configure or link devices in the Xiaomi quantifier app

Today we are going to talk to you in depth about Mi Fit, a complete quantifying application created by Xiaomi to manage the data you get from exercise devices like the Mi Band, but also smart scales, watches and even smart shoes that you still do not sell in markets like the Spanish. If you have bought one of these devices this Christmas, Mi Fit is the application with which you will take games.

Let’s start the article reviewing what is My Fit and what you can do with it. Then, we will explain to you step by step the two most important processes, that of creating your first My Fit account and linking your connected device.

My Fit: what it offers and how to configure or link devices in the Xiaomi quantifier app
My Fit: what it offers and how to configure or link devices in the Xiaomi quantifier app

What is My Fit and what can you do with the application?

My Fit is the official app for Xiaomi smart wristbands, watches, scales and sneakers. These devices are the ranges of quantifying smart bracelets and scales, which allow you to record your daily exercises and heart rate on the one hand until you check your weight and body composition with profiles for several people on the other.

You can download the application in both Google Play on Android and the iOS App Store so you can use it on any mobile. It is compatible with the Mi Band devices, Amazfit Bip, My Body Composition Scale, My Scale, Amazfit Pace and others of the brand as smart shoes.

My Fit: what it offers and how to configure or link devices in the Xiaomi quantifier app
My Fit: what it offers and how to configure or link devices in the Xiaomi quantifier app

The mission of this application is to obtain all the data from these devices and show them in a simple and unified way. In addition to showing you this data in real time, the application also keeps a record of the data so you can keep track of how you are evolving with the passage of days or weeks.

From the interface of this application you can take a quick look at your data, which are presented with graphics with your progress. You can also set goals, activity alerts or notifications to turn your My Band into an alarm clock. You can also add friends to exchange activity data with them.

My Fit: what it offers and how to configure or link devices in the Xiaomi quantifier app
My Fit: what it offers and how to configure or link devices in the Xiaomi quantifier app

The app also allows you to locate your wristband to know where you put it, make a record of the hours you sleep, or watch your heart rate without stopping through the wristband. You can also configure it to notify you when you have been inactive for a long time, configure the possibility that the bracelet vibrates with notifications from other applications or receive alerts when your heart rate is too high.

On the other hand, the big negative point of this application is that it only works when you link Xiaomi devices. This means that, for example, you will not be able to use it as an alternative to third-party applications to measure your activity using mobile phone sensors. To use the functions of the application, you must have at least a wristband or watch.

How to set up your My Fit account

When you open the application for the first time, it will ask you to log in. You can use from third party accounts to your Xiaomi account. However, if you have never used My Fit it will tell you that you do not have an account created after you log in, and you will have to click on OK when the text appears You have not created a My Fit account, create now? to start the process of creating an account. Next, you will have to choose language. To do this, first verify that you have correctly detected your language (1) or manually select the one you want to use. Then, press the Next button (2) to confirm the choice of language and continue with the configuration process.

Now it will show you a window in which you will have to accept the application’s use policies, which include the software agreement and the privacy policy. You will be provided with links so that you can read them, but if you do not accept everything you will not be able to start using the application.


Now the window for selecting the registration method will appear again. These are the same options that you have shown before when you log in, so you are given the option to choose which account to link the new My Fit account that you are going to create. You can use your Xiaomi account, third-party accounts such as Google or Facebook, or an email.

Next, a blank tab will appear where you have to fill in your personal information. You can put a name or nickname, select your gender, the month and year in which you were born and your weight or height so that the app calculates with them the different data. You can also add a profile picture. When you have everything filled out, click Next.
Finally, you will have to configure a daily goal of steps that serves as the first reference to measure your activity. Simply choose a number of steps and press the Done button to configure this parameter.

When you finish, you can see your data. On the Status screen you can see your goals, as well as information about your weight or your daily average of steps, the total kilometers you have walked since you have the bracelet, or the number of times you have reached your goal of daily steps. However, until you link a bracelet nothing will appear.
The second option of the application is Training, where you can select a type of activity that you will perform and press GO to measure it with greater precision. This will not measure anything unless you have the linked bracelet to get the data with it.

And finally you have the option of Profile, where you can access the different configurations and options of the application, as well as activate or deactivate alerts, add accounts and everything that we have told you before. This is also where you have the option to Add device to start the process of linking your device.
To start the process of adding a device open the My Fit application and go to the Profile tab. In it, click on the option Add device that you will see just above the objectives and below the blue box with your data. Remember that you have to have active Bluetooth on the mobile to proceed.

Then you have to choose the type of device you want to link, such as a bracelet in case you have a Mi Band. You can also choose other types of compatible devices from the Xiaomi catalog, such as watches, scales or smart shoes.
Now, the application will show you a list of connected devices, and you have to ** click on your bracelet. In the capture you will only see one because it was taken inside the house, but if you are linking it in the street, it is always possible that they also look like those of other people.

The application will take a few seconds to proceed to link the device, and when you do your bracelet will vibrate to warn you that you are requesting to link it to My Fit. This is a measure to confirm that it is the bracelet or device you have chosen, and you will have to interact with it to confirm the link. Depending on the model of My Band, the interaction may be pressing a button or the screen to confirm.

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