New Ideas Into Myths And Truths About Fruit Never Before Revealed

Myths And Truths About Fruit In ancient times it was said that health and disease entered through the mouth. This has led to the creation of some myths about some popularly spread foods. The fruits have not been spared from these gossip, some true and others less so. Nutritionists clear doubts.

Myths And Truths About Fruit 9 Reasons Why It s Time To Stop
Myths And Truths About Fruit 9 Reasons Why It s Time To Stop

False. Grapefruit juice does not help burn fat, although it does eliminate it. Like any citrus (lemon, grapefruit, orange, or kiwi), grapefruit helps the gallbladder work better and shed fat through the intestine. Nothing else.

What You Should Do To Find Out About Myths And Truths About Fruit Before You’re Left Behind

False. Eating fruit for dessert can cause heartburn or even make you feel bad, but it doesn’t make you fat. Once it is digested in the stomach, it is mixed with the other nutrients; in fact some Fruit of its minerals and vitamins are necessary and complementary for other foods to be digested. For example, vitamin C, when ingested in dessert, allows a greater absorption of iron. On the other hand, the fruit is fattening only if it is taken in excess, therefore it can be ingested at any time of the day.

False. The B complex improves the state of the body in general and, to a certain extent, can whet the appetite. However, neither vitamins nor minerals contribute to weight gain if not ingested in excess. Orange, rich in vitamin C, does not prevent colds, but increases the defenses to fight them thanks to its anti-infective properties.

False. The apple does not clean the teeth and cannot replace toothpaste, although it is true that since it contains little sugar it does not favor the formation of microorganisms that cause cavities, like other foods.

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