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naturally thinking My absence from the blog has been notable in recent months, but the truth is that getting up at five in the morning, driving an hour to work, working 8 hours, driving more than an hour back and getting to do everything necessary for the family to eat, sleep and have the essentials to do everything again the next day is not easy; So obviously the little rattles that I have left free I spend on the sofa watching a little bit of television, folding the clothes in the basket that seems to multiply spontaneously or taking photos with the new camera that I bought myself on Thanksgiving.

naturally thinking How To Make Your Product Stand Out With
naturally thinking How To Make Your Product Stand Out With

The camera is very happy for me, because it was something I wanted for a long, long time, but every time I gathered, something happened and ended up using the money for that unforeseen event. Finally this year I raised as much penny as I found on the floor, I confiscated my husband the twists that I found in his pants, I have not cut my hair like in a year and I did everything humanly possible to buy the Nikon D3200.

I still can not believe that I finally own a DSLR camera, imagine that I enrolled in the Jackie Rueda photography course and I do not see the hours that I start to be able to get the most out of it and put into practice everything I learn . I look like a little girl with a new toy and that until now I have only dared to use it automatically.

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I have taken several photos that I have loved, such as these for example: My husband is also excited about the camera and although he thought he was going to be intimidated, the other days while I went to the supermarket to buy some things, he took some very nice photos of him. Kung Fu Baby Boy perched ‘in a bush that separates the neighbor’s house from ours, but look:

Changing the subject a little, I want to tell you about one of my incomplete goals for many, many years; to lose weight. Two days before Thanksgiving I started a multi-week program, during which I meet with a nutritionist and guide me toward my goal. The first 8 weeks I have to meet with her every Tuesday, then the meetings happen every two weeks.

I decided to seek professional help and I do not regret it. Tuesday 24 was the fifth appointment and I managed
drop 6 pounds an inch from the waist. I feel motivated and having to be accountable and face someone every Tuesday, makes me responsible for my actions and helps me stay focused on what I need to do or change.

I am keeping a food diary, where I write down everything I eat and how many calories each item has. My calorie budget is 1200-1300 each day, so I’ve learned how to control portions, plan my meals and snacks, and choose the best options.

Vegetables have become my best allies due to their high nutritional content, but little caloric value, so I have been searching and experimenting a lot with vegetarian dishes, which surprisingly satisfy me and do not make me feel heavy; Best of all, M. is also trying to accompany me in the process, so he does his best to keep an open mind to my occurrences with tofu and vegetarian dishes.

I will try to document my progress a little more often and of course share those recipes that have helped me on the path to a healthy body and a healthy mind. I hope that you accompany me and celebrate with me these 6 pounds. The truth is that I would have more things to tell, but I’d better leave it for another time, lest you scare me and you won’t come back any more.

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