How To Find The Time To The New Mediterranean Diet On Twitter

New Mediterranean diet is a model of food health that inspires everyone. But lately, some “readjustments” have been made.

New Mediterranean Diet Is Exactly What You Are Looking For
New Mediterranean Diet Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

The elements that have always made the Mediterranean diet a winning proposal in the aspect of health are, of course, the typical ingredients of the area and, secondly, the ways of cooking food and the time used in its preparation.

You Can Reinvent The New Mediterranean Diet Without Looking Like An Amateur

Precisely, these two aspects have been retaken by some of the most prestigious nutrition experts in the world, recently meeting in Parma, Italy, on the occasion of the III International Conference CIISCAM (International Interuniversity Center for the Study of Mediterranean Food Culture), to discuss The theme of the evolution of the Mediterranean diet.

From this meeting an updated model of food pyramid is born, which completes the previous knowledge with some important consumption standards, which, nowadays, have already been defined as very healthy by specialists. We present the new food pyramid model, which places the foods that make up a main meal at the base and, on the upper floors, the rest of the food needed to complete the meal, distributed according to the recommended frequency of consumption , either daily or weekly. It also highlights the capital importance of physical activity, living at the table and the habit of drinking water.

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