Nhs Clapping Days Resources For 9 In 2017

Nhs clapping days Forty days of quarantine, applause at the window, dances on the terraces and the feeling of participating in a common cause, with the sacrifice of home confinement and social distancing, to break the chain of transmission of the terror originated by the coronavirus.

Nhs Clapping Days On Top Read This And Make It So
Nhs Clapping Days On Top Read This And Make It So

On Cuenca Street and Plaza de los Remedios, the balconies are filled with entire families to applaud the great heroes of this already historic stage, the health professionals, who continue to fight hard in hospitals to end the ravages of a pandemic of devastating effects at all levels.

The social lethargy, confined at home, breaks at eight o’clock as, although it is already a ritual of punctual fulfillment, if it were a surprise rain, of a few first claps as initial drops to take shape a barrage of applause that seeks to encourage all who participate in this global ‘battle’.

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The heartfelt token of appreciation is also an acknowledgment of the immediate environment and of how the neighbors are. He wonders about health, there is a reciprocity in the sending of encouragement and all kinds of news about the consequences of the six weeks of health alarm are discussed without there being a specific deadline for it to end.

“Although dreams will break me into pieces”, ‘Resistiré’ has become an inescapable hymn to convey optimism in the face of the difficulties of the current situation and the positive energy continues with all kinds of themes to lift spirits such as ‘La Bamba’ in the Calle de Cuenca, as well as themes of Mecano and Latin rhythms at the Via Crucis Station.

On Paz Street, saxophonist Álvaro Grande has managed to make his neighbors staunch fans of his recitals at one in the afternoon. Before they hardly knew each other and with the confinement they have strengthened ties and have “caught up” through “balcony conversations” in which they talk about their professions, tastes, concerns and everything that this pandemic is entailing. His neighbor downstairs, Álvaro, a boy who will turn three on April 30, has now been named the ‘mayor’ of the street and, as he orders, he has asked that this Thursday the neighborhood not forget that they like Kinder eggs.

Her neighbors will celebrate her birthday, like Rosa’s who will celebrate 22 years this Saturday, a day for which a Mexican ‘themed’ party is planned, with dishes originating from those latitudes, just like last Saturday it was done with Italy , with music and gastronomy of the transalpine country. They also held a barbecue and for two Saturdays they have a regional party planned with the preparation, among other proposals, of ratatouille, tiznao, porridge and crumbs.

“If one day a neighbor is a little overwhelmed by the situation, we encourage him,” say residents in the penthouse opposite the Grande apartment, who have become ‘fans’ of their entertaining recitals, followed not only by residents of Paz street, but also Pedrera Baja, who enjoy the interpretation of songs of many different styles, dance the pasodobles that he plays and perform the festive choreography of the outstretched arms lowering them as if he were bowing ‘Eh, eh’ with ‘Paquito chocolatier’.


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