Must Have Resources For 11 Nutritionists On Instagram And Twitter That You Can’t Stop Following In 2020

Nutritionists If you are an active person in social networks and interested in the world of food, surely you know several reference profiles whose content helps you make better healthy decisions on a daily basis.

Nutritionists On Instagram And Twitter That You Can t Stop Following
Nutritionists On Instagram And Twitter That You Can t Stop Following

In this post we already talk about the best nutritionists that you should follow on Instagram and Twitter to eat a healthy diet, however today we want to expand that list with new professionals who are essential for us in terms of nutrition and dissemination through social networks .

Marián García, better known by the ‘artistic name’ of Boticaria García, is one of the most recognized scientific disseminators currently in our country thanks to her special way of communicating, with a simple tone full of humor but never lacking in rigor. Through its continuous collaborations with the Zapeando program, it has managed to bring the scientific dissemination of nutrition to a mass audience, something that very few have achieved to date.

As for training, she is a Doctor in Pharmacy, graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and also graduated in Optics and Optometry. As if that were not enough, Marián García has published to date books of great success: ‘The radioactive mucus’, ‘The impatient patient’ and ‘The ham of York does not exist’.

Recently, together with Isabel Pérez, also a Dietitian-Nutritionist, she has created the Expert Nutrition platform, an online training project for health professionals who wish to expand their knowledge about different specialties within nutrition.

Pablo Zumaquero is not only a graduate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, but also in Food Science and Technology. In addition, in recent months he has published the book ‘The method SIN’, a simple manual on healthy eating that offers many recipes for all tastes and groups. This project also has the edition of

Griselda Herrero is a doctor in Biochemistry and Dietitian-Nutritionist, as well as director of the North Health Nutrition center in Seville. Together with the psychologist Cristina Andrades has published the book ‘Learn to have a healthy relationship with food’, focused on the field of Psiconutrition.

They emphasize their advice on social networks focused on the prevention of eating disorders or eating disorders – that is, to improve our relationship with food – as well as their podcast ‘Nutritional Gothic: Scenes of Nutrition’. In addition, Griselda has collaborated repeatedly with television programs of national reference, such as Saber Vivir en Televisión Española.

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The communication style of Carlos Ferrando has led him to reach great popularity in social networks. And, thanks to good humor and closeness, Carlos has managed to transmit quality information to a large audience through his videos parodying habitual situations between patient and nutritionist, as well as thanks to his spectacular recipes on Instagram and Twitter.

Specialized in sports nutrition, Carlos Ferrando currently serves as a nutritionist at Valencia C.F., the Spanish First Division football team. Do not miss their recipes on Instagram, we assure you that it will make your mouth completely water.

Thanks to its fresh and educational content, Ana Sirvent has managed to create a large community of passionate about healthy eating on Instagram. They emphasize mainly its simple recipes and the simple nearby tone that serves to communicate effectively advice on healthy lifestyle.

Ana Sirvent is co-founder of the Well Nutrition Center, along with dietitian-nutritionist Elena Haro, and is actively involved in early childhood education through her numerous talks and presentations on nutrition in educational centers and schools throughout the country.

Undoubtedly, Julio Basulto is one of the great references in the field of food dissemination in social networks. This dietitian-nutritionist has been disseminating recommendations on nutrition for the general population for several years, highlighting his strong fight against insane products aimed at children and the promotion of alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer through false healthy claims.

In addition, Julio Basulto combines his activity in social networks with research, teaching and dissemination in different media such as radio, television and written press.

His strong commitment to rigor and scientific evidence in the complex world of food make Beatriz Robles an essential professional whose work stands out for its clarity, truthfulness and quality in the presentation of ideas.

In addition, Beatriz belongs to the select group of scientific disseminators who have the two university degrees of reference in the food sector, which accredits her as a Food Technologist and Dietitian-Nutritionist. She is known for her tireless fight against the food bulos and the misinformation in a large number of media, and also currently serves as a professor in the Degree of Human Nutrition and Dietetics of the Isabel I. University.

The author of ‘Nutrition is the New Black’ is another of the great public figures in social networks around the field of nutrition. Victoria Lozada stands out on Instagram for a transparent, personal and complex content, where she combines tips on healthy lifestyle with tips on nutrition and healthy eating.

In addition, he has recently published a book entitled ‘Good Nutrition’, a work that aims to facilitate the consumer’s choice of healthy products in the supermarket. This is a key moment when carrying out a healthy diet, since, as its cover states: ‘Health begins on your shopping list’.

The dietitian-nutritionist Natalia Moragues is another safe choice in terms of reliable information on nutrition through social networks. Thanks to its specialized content in nutritional coaching and infant feeding, it offers very useful advice and content to achieve success in dietary plans focused on weight loss.

She has a degree in Pharmacy and a Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as a Higher Technician in Personal Coaching, qualifications that allow her to practice as a healthcare professional at Alvida, the Reference Medicine and Nutrition Center in Seville.

Without a doubt, Silvia Romero is one of the reference nutritionists when it comes to vegetarian food. Publish on a regular basis in their social network profiles different vegetarian and gluten-free recipes that show varied and healthy alternatives for these special groups of the population.

In addition to being a dietitian-nutritionist, he is a specialist in infant nutrition, overweight and obesity and vegetarian and vegan food. You can not miss their training on these subjects that regularly taught online in webinars, classes and workshops online through its website Equilibra´t Nutrition and Food.

One of the most famous nutritionists is reaping in recent times is Roberto Vidal, best known for being ‘The nutritional coach’. This dietitian-nutritionist and fitness trainer has demonstrated once again that humor and dissemination about nutrition are two concepts that must go hand in hand. They highlight their classic walks through well-known supermarkets on Instagram where it shows healthy products and those that are not so much.

Roberto Vidal actively collaborates in different media, his television appearances being highlighted in Espejo Público and El Chiringuito de Jugones, two formats that have a large audience and in which it is difficult to deliver quality food dissemination.

Communicating content based on scientific evidence effectively is a complicated task and not suitable for all professionals. Therefore, we must positively assess the professionals who are able to combine their professional activity with a daily and successful activity within the digital world.

This has been our selection of nutritionists that you can not stop following in 2020 on Twitter and Instagram, what are your favorites? Have we left any in the inkwell ?. Tell us in comments.

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