Shocking Information About Oobleck Recipe Exposed

Oobleck recipe Today I share an entertaining experiment to do this vacation at home with your little ones.

Oobleck recipe How to make Oobleck for children now
Oobleck recipe How to make Oobleck for children now


This is a non-Newtonian fluid, that is, it acts as a liquid when it is poured, but as a solid when the force acts on it, but if you leave it in the palm of your hand, it becomes liquid again. fun right?
What do you need?

1 cup cornstarch ½ cup of water
Food coloring

Step by Step

Best 6 Tips For Oobleck Recipe

Place the cornstarch in a container
Mix the measure of water with 3 to 4 drops of food coloring
Mix cornstarch with water

And ready to play and experiment with this entertaining fluid.
Problem solving:

The Oobleck has to be solid when you squeeze it in your hand and liquid when you hold it without exerting pressure. That is what is expected, but it can be the case that it is very watery, if it is the case add a tablespoon of cornstarch and mix, but if you notice that it is dry, conversely add more water.

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