Oppo Reno 2: A Good, Beautiful And Cheap Mobile Phone Beyond Xiaomi – What Is It?

Oppo Reno 2 The Chinese company Oppo is looking for its place in the Spanish market. Despite having been in Spain for more than a year, Oppo is still looking to reach the relevance of its competitors. For this, the Chinese company has made a place in almost all stores (physical and online), in operators and even in one of the great football clubs, FC Barcelona.

In this strategy, Oppo has opted for a small catalog of terminals in which a smartphone stands out: the Oppo Reno 2, the current jewel in the crown of the Chinese company and sold in Spain for 499 euros. What stands out of this phone? Its retractable camera system, battery, careful design and value for money.

Oppo Reno 2 A Good Beautiful And Cheap Mobile Phone Beyond Xiaomi
Oppo Reno 2 A Good Beautiful And Cheap Mobile Phone Beyond Xiaomi

Specifically, the Oppo Reno 2 claims to have a screen with very small frames with a total area of ​​91% because it has no notch or notch. The large 6.5-inch panel looks nice thanks to the shark fin system that Oppo uses for the second time in one of its mobiles. This means that when using the front lens, it appears almost magically behind the screen with a triangular shape that resembles a ‘fin’.

Although it is not a new solution, the truth is that the result is quite satisfactory and Oppo has decided to repeat it to get a whole screen as the current mobile fashion canons send.

In the back, a glass cover shows that we are facing a terminal that points ways with a slight gradient of color and a small ball that does not allow the phone to rest completely on the surface, to prevent scratching or damage (Although it is normal for you to put a cover to avoid this).

Although the phone is large (6.5 inches), it is not too heavy (189 grams) and is well handled. In addition, the fingerprint is built into the glass and works quite quickly.

In terms of power, Oppo has equipped the Reno 2 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, a chip typical of a mid-high-end terminal and focused on gaming equipment. To get more out of it, Oppo Reno 2 even gives you a way to play that will delight the most gamers.

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As for RAM, 8 GB accompanied by 256 GB of internal memory. Very good figures that are accompanied by 4,000 mAh that endure perfectly a whole day and that become a great strength of the Reno 2. In addition, fast charging that allows you to go from 0% to 50% in half an hour.

Oppo has focused on the camera so that its terminal is up to the highest-end phones. The truth is that it is approaching, without arriving, and that seems like a challenge to me.

Specifically, the Reno 2 boasts four rear lenses: a 48MP main lens, a 13MP telephoto lens, a 2MP monochrome lens and an 8MP wide angle lens, which allows a 5x hybrid zoom and a 20x digital zoom.

In good light conditions, the Reno 2 takes very good snapshots, and its zoom of up to 20 magnifications is a great strength. The portrait mode and night mode are also noteworthy as is the video stabilizer that is now in the hands of the Ultra Stabilizer Mode. Also, to improve the video experience, the Soloop edition editor has been included.

Is Oppo Reno 2 worth it? In my opinion, yes. It is a phone that surprises in the hand for its ‘high-end’ style, its autonomy and especially for its price. 500 euros go a long way.

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