Subbarao Great Orange Juice Super‌

Orange Juice Super‌ Subbarao Great Orange Juice Super‌
Orange Juice Super‌ Subbarao Great Orange Juice Super‌

Orange Juice When you see an orange, it’s mouth watering. When you peel it, eat it. The eyes close as the orange name suggests. Everyone loves to drink such orange juice here. Across the Vadapalli Venkateswaraswamy Temple in East Godavari District, on the way to Atreyapuram, in front of the Lolla locks, a small cart can be seen under the green trees beside the road. Once there, they set aside their vehicles, drank the orange juice given to them by Juttuga Subbarao’s grandfather and did seda. Subbarao is 83 years old. ‘I will bring the excellent Vadlamudi oranges and squeeze the juice. If not found in Vadlamudi, oranges are brought from Rajahmundry and Nidadavolu areas, ‘says the grandfather.

Surprisingly, Grandpa doesn’t go anywhere to buy oranges, and as soon as the nuts arrive from there, the money is deposited in the account. The grandfather said, “Everything you believe is your business. Each man is squeezed the juice of three nuts. Two nuts are squeezed when the nuts are well reduced. Each nut is bought for ten rupees. But a glass of juice sells for only 20 rupees. If someone comes and asks ‘Will the price go up Grandpa’, ‘I have no income deficit. I sit and eat and stretch myself. But I do not think something is working. This is habitual work. Subbarao’s grandfather says very proudly, “I will do it for as long as I have patience.”

Trade secret ..

Four types of ingredients are mixed in orange juice. Subbarao’s grandfather says, “Even if I pay a lakh, I will not tell the secret.” The business was first started near the Jaganmohini temple in Rally village. There this cart ran for years. Subbarao’s grandfather is said to have moved to the present place after that.

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