Excited About Pasta E Ceci: The Comforting Roman Pasta And Chickpea Soup

Pasta E Ceci Italian cuisine shares many characteristics with Spanish in its Mediterranean roots and also because it is anchored in very humble traditions. The popular cookbook stores very simple but tremendously comforting dishes with vegetables, such as this one made of pasta e ceci, a kind of soup or stew with chickpeas and pasta.

Pasta E Ceci The Comforting Roman Pasta And Chickpea Soup
Pasta E Ceci The Comforting Roman Pasta And Chickpea Soup

It is the typical preparation that has many variations according to the region and that admits as many ingredients according to availability. This version, in the Roman style, starts from the minimum ingredients to give us a vegan dish that is surprising for being tasty and nutritious, very easy to prepare with basic pantry ingredients.

The ideal is to have a special type of tubular pasta for soups and stews, the ditalini, but difficult to access in ordinary shops. Instead we use shark type 0, which works very well due to its small size and striated surface. The author recommends not skimping on the quantity and quality of olive oil and on the cooking point of garlic, which should be roasted a little to create a really tasty base.

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Heat a good base of olive oil in a saucepan and cook the whole garlic, peeled, leaving them to brown well but taking care that they do not get to burn. We can also take a couple of garlic roasted or candied beforehand, if we have them. Add the tomato paste concentrate with a pinch of salt and rosemary and keep cooking, stirring constantly, over medium heat, allowing it to dissolve in the oil and release all its aroma, about 1 minute. Crush the garlic, stir and add the drained chickpeas.

Stir well, gently, scraping the bottom of the pot, and cover with the broth or water. We can add more or less quantity as we want a more soupy or, more traditional, stew type soup. When it comes to a boil, add the pasta and stir. Cook the whole over low heat until the pasta is cooked or the broth has reduced to taste. Correct the point of salt and serve with chili flakes or some crushed cayenne, and a little dried rosemary.

This recipe is considered as a first course to make way for a second of meat or fish, but a good portion can be a perfectly unique dish without further complications, perhaps accompanied by a simple salad. Although pasta dishes are not usually accompanied by bread, we will want to have a good slice of rustic loaf to slightly dip the sauce that remains on the plate.

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