Favorite Penicillin Drink Resources For 7 In 2021

Penicillin Drink Although we usually dedicate this space to the great classic cocktails, this one we see today is on the way to becoming one of them, although it is very contemporary at its creation.

Penicillin Drink And Why You Must Read This Report
Penicillin Drink And Why You Must Read This Report

Our cocktail today was held by Sam Ross, an Australian bartender who began his career in Melbourne and who has become a celebrity in the United States today, in addition to inventing this great blend, also for leading the bar in two renowned restaurants in New York, such as Milk & Honey and Little Branch, as well as advising cocktail menus in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

How To Teach Penicillin Drink Better Than Anyone Else

Penicillin Cocktail, as its name suggests, is “recommended” to revive the body at the beginning of the night, although we do recommend drinking it mostly in winter or cold places since its ingredients emanate overwhelming aromatic complexity.

Ingredients for the Penicillin Cocktail

Caol Illa Distillers Edition Islay Single Malt Whiskey / Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 years / Ginger Liqueur / Lemon Juice / Honey


We will put inside our cocktail shaker 22ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 15ml of Ginger Liqueur, 30ml of Johnnie Walker whiskey, 45ml of Caol Illa whiskey.

For the sweet part of this mixture, we will add honey, but first, we will dilute it in equal parts with hot water and let it cool. From this syrup, we will add 3 tablespoons. Once all the ingredients are served, we will shake and serve in a low glass.

Another interesting option is to replace the Ginger Liqueur with fresh ginger slices and we would increase the tablespoons of diluted honey to 5.

Principal ingredient

Caol Illa is one of the smokiest Islay whiskeys, although perhaps slightly lighter in color than its powerful neighbors, but with a distinctive floral and spicy complement the traditional Islay peat flavor.

In 1986, the distillery became part of the United Distillers conglomerate, taking the brand to the well-known Classic Malts Selection range in 1989. In 1993, it already began to receive awards, with its 12-year-old Caol Illa, who received the silver medal in the Malt Maniacs Awards.

In addition to its reputation as a Single Malt, Caol Illa is also predominantly used as an ingredient in Johnnie Walker, where it is quite easy to discover its characteristic aroma on its Platinum label.

In this special edition, we find a very interesting mixture, as it has a highly smoked distillate, aged in Moscatel barrels.

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