Sale of El Corte Inglés: 18 bags of top brands with 40% discount

The English Court advances its sales and from December 26 to January 5, applies discounts of up to 40% on hundreds of products to give as gifts, such as these 18 bags of top brands that we have found, for all types of budgets:
This handbag of the most original is signed by two of the sisters of the most famous clan of television, Kendall + Kylie, who, although they do not have the Kardashian surname, have inherited the talent for family business. You have it for 75 euros.

Sale of El Corte Inglés: 18 bags of top brands with 40% discountSale of El Corte Inglés: 18 bags of top brands with 40% discount
Sale of El Corte Inglés: 18 bags of top brands with 40% discount

For 14.95 euros we have this bag type bag in taupe of Southern Cotton, made of eco-leather with nubuck finish. A perfect ally for your daily looks.
Jo & Mr.Joe is a youthful firm, with a classic look that makes it ideal for both festive and daily looks, with this clutch printed in black you will complete any outfit with elegance for 34.95 euros.

This lambskin backpack in black is a classic that will not go out of fashion and that will solve your looks 24/7 more than once. The signature Allsaints and its price is 215 euros instead of 430.
This original and cheerful bag by Jo & Mr.Joe in striped print made of eco-leather has gone from 49.90 to 24.95 euros.

Sale of El Corte Inglés: 18 bags of top brands with 40% discount
Sale of El Corte Inglés: 18 bags of top brands with 40% discount

Another backpack, this time less discreet for lovers of brilli brilli is this Kendall + Kylie that you will find for 117.50 euros instead of 235.

The most bohemian will adore the Antik Batik brand, for its carefree and bohochic air, like the one that squirts this shoulder bag style for 97.50 euros.
In the shape of a jacket, so fashionable in the last two years, we have this navy blue bag with perforated fabric for 17.95 euros instead of 35.95.
For 71.50 euros instead of 143, we have this fun little bicolor bag with brooch in the shape of a kitten by Paul & Joe Sister.

From the hand of the patriotic designer Adolfo Domínguez we find this bag acharolado, in the form of a bag and in black, practical and timeless for 49 euros instead of 98.
A Shopper bag is as practical as you can have in your wardrobe, but not for classic should be boring, Paul & Joe Sister signs this original with a cat face for 54 euros.
Dayaday is a low cost brand but it does not give up functional and trendy designs, like this bag you’ll find for 16 euros designed in cowhide and cotton.

Michael Kors signs this satchel leather shoulder bag, in a beautiful cherry color, with classic and elegant design, this bag will conquer you and you will not want to take another to the office for 197 euros instead of 395 euros.
With a similar form, but for a rather more affordable price, only 17.95 euros, we have this black bag made of Southern Cotton eco-leather.
The outer pocket in the shape of an envelope is what makes this burgundy handbag from El Corte Inglés, which you only have for 23.95 euros instead of 39.95.

The backpacks are here to stay and this one from El Corte Inglés, is modern and daring, but with such a practical color that it will become your star accessory for 27.55 euros.
We continue with the backpacks, this time something more warm to say it in some way, thanks to its top lapel of hair. The firm Flatt and has gone from 69.95 to 41.95 euros.
Another bag of classic and timeless style, with the quality of cowhide, signed by Allsaints for 177.50 euros instead of 355.

Shipping and returns at El Corte Inglés are totally free as long as your order exceeds 50 euros. Also, if you need to receive your order before Reyes, you are still on time, selecting the shipment within 48 hours.

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