Selena Gómez and Julia Michaels have a song

“My friends want me to go to the movies with them but I send them to hell because I go hand in hand with my depression and, when I think I’ve overcome it, anxiety reappears, I try my best to socialize, I make plans with friends and I hope they call to cancel them. ”
So begins Anxiety, the song that Julia Michaels and Selena Gomez have just released, talking about their problems with anxiety and depression. In her they describe daily situations and thoughts that have daily people who, like them, are affected by these so complex emotional disorders.

Selena Gómez
Selena Gómez

From the outside, it becomes something complicated to understand for those around them. It’s something the song focuses on:

“I feel like I’m constantly apologizing for how I feel, all my ex think I’m hard to deal with, none of my friends understand what it is, or why I can not sleep at night, they tell me I can have something to be good but hopefully it was so easy. ”

Selena Gómez and Julia Michaels
Selena Gómez and Julia Michaels

Selena Gómez has spoken openly on numerous occasions about her battle with anxiety and depression, something to which she is aware that she will have to face her whole life. Recently, the singer and actress returned to social networks after almost 4 months of absence in which she has been recovering physically and mentally in a psychiatric hospital.

With respect to the song, Selena wanted to send a message on Instagram for all those who feel identified with the title of the song and with everything that it says: “I have anxiety and many of my friends too. Well, you’re not alone, I know that this message is very necessary. ”

Julia Michaels, for her part, has also talked about how much she wanted to make this song with Selena so that both could express themselves freely about their relationship with anxiety and depression.

Normally, women’s duos talk about their relationships with men, said the singer and songwriter, so she pretends to be an empowering hymn but not in the sense of raising fists and flagging it but as something more warm and subtle.

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