Seven Ios And Android Applications Within the immense catalog of applications that exist in the App Store and Google Play, we have reviewed proposals of all kinds, from those for watching series and movies on mobile phones, to those that serve to listen to the radio or simply to listen to music. Today we are going to stop at another form of entertainment that we can carry out at any time and place: reading.

Seven Ios And Android Applications To Read Books On Your Mobile
Seven Ios And Android Applications To Read Books On Your Mobile

And it is that, after having reviewed some applications to listen to audiobooks on the phone or tablet, now we are going to collect a few proposals to carry all those works in your pocket and enjoy a good read anywhere.

Let’s start, of course, with the reading applications of Google and Apple, those that come pre-installed on Android and iOS devices respectively. In both, it is possible to access a huge catalog of books and audiobooks for a single payment.

That is, you pay only once and you can read or listen to a work as many times as you want from any device where you have configured your iTunes or Google account. It is also possible to buy one or several books without paying the monthly subscription, and access a sample to see if you like it before purchasing it. Apple Books is only available for iOS, but Google Play Books has an app on both platforms.

The official Amazon application is the easiest way to turn your mobile or tablet into a Kindle because all the books you buy on the e-commerce platform will appear directly on it. In addition, Whispersync synchronizes the titles between all your devices, so that you can start reading on one and continue on a different one at the same point where you left off.

It offers access to more than 1,500,000 books from the Kindle Store, including news, best sellers and more than 1,400 free eBooks, such as “Don Quixote” or “The Dog in the Manger.” There is the option to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for 9.99 euros per month to access all of them for free.

After the 14-day free trial period, through a monthly subscription of 12.99 euros, you will be able to access a huge library with thousands of books and audiobooks in Spanish, Latin Spanish and English.

Storytel’s capabilities include downloading audiobooks for offline listening, the ability to modify the playback speed to make the narrator do it faster or slower, and the option to add a timer that causes the app to close when pass a certain time.

It has more than five million titles to choose from, including eBooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, and children’s books from around the world and in multiple languages. It allows searches by author, title, subject or genre, and has a Night Mode to read before bed.

It also offers a selection of free books, personalized recommendations, and a system to rate and review the titles you’ve read. In addition, it synchronizes reading between devices, so you can start reading on one and continue reading where you left off on another.

It’s Hard Enough To Do Push Ups – It’s Even Harder To Do Seven Ios And Android Applications To Read Books On Your Mobile Or Tablet

Wattpad connects an international community of 70 million readers and writers from around the world, so you can not only read original stories, but also allow you to write them for others to enjoy.

Wattpad Studios discovers talented, untapped, untapped writers on Wattpad and connects them to global multimedia entertainment companies. In fact, stories like “The Kissing Booth” on Netflix, “Light as a Feather” on Hulu or the series “After” by Anna Todd, a New York Times best seller, have come out of this platform. and of course you can read them all.

This application offers us a streaming library with thousands of classic works in the public domain and contemporary works authorized for non-profit dissemination. It is free of advertising, 100% free and has more than 50,000 books and audiobooks, as well as multiple dictionaries in different languages.

In addition to listening to the books narrated by natural and professional voices, you will be able to read the same book in different versions and languages, comparing them page by page. It also includes thousands of images, comments, notes, and music composed around the literary works.

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