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Sex Latest News The Swedish brand of luxury erotic products highlights that being at home is an opportunity to try new sex toys and explore your sensuality

Sex Latest News And Why You Must Take Action Today
Sex Latest News And Why You Must Take Action Today

Staying at home during confinement due to Covid-19 has meant changing our daily life habits in these months.

Being at home entails having many more free hours and having more time for ourselves, this can even help us to know ourselves more, to reflect, and to learn to spend time alone. It is an opportunity to take advantage of this time to discover ourselves, discover our body and our pleasure.

And to explore your sensuality, this quarantine in a different way, the Swedish brand of luxury erotic products, LELO, has launched the challenge #STAYHOME through their social networks, a challenge that has gone viral and that consists of singing with your favorite vibrator. A way to break barriers and make visible a subject that has been a great taboo for many years: the pleasure of women and female masturbation.

In this sense, LELO has innovative designs for sex toys of all kinds that have given way to a wide range of products beyond traditional vibrators, which contributes to the fact that female masturbation begins to look like what it has always been: something natural. One of the preferred products that appear in the video of the challenge is called LELO SONA 2 Cruise, a clitoris sucker that has completely revolutionized the market and has become the best-selling LELO product in Spain.

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On the other hand, with the #STAYHOME campaign you can also get special offers on the website, and also, an erotic contest has been carried out on their social networks, in which to participate users have created erotic stories about their sexual fantasies during confinement.

Now, the renowned Swedish luxury sex toy brand has launched a new version of its flagship product, LELO SONA 2 Cruise. This improved version offers a new design and functionality. Instead of using conventional vibrations, it offers powerful sonic waves, which not only give pleasure to the visible part of the clitoris but also to 75% of the internal part of this organ, something revolutionary to date.

Among the main innovations, the increase in the range of sonic waves stands out, going from the 8 patterns of SONA to the 12 of SONA 2 Cruise. Thus, it offers 4 new intensity levels below SONA levels, allowing you to take power from less to more.

In addition, the new model features a softer, deeper, wider, and flatter mouth for complete satisfaction, even underwater. As a strong point, it is covered in ultra-soft premium silicone, offering the classic silicone design of LELO massagers, but even better. Lastly, its battery has twice the lifespan, ensuring more than 200 orgasms per charge.

“Many women think that the clitoris is only what you see, they do not know that it has an internal part. Some, in fact, do not know that it extends about 12 centimeters until they buy or give them a SONA. This is the proof of that erotic toys not only provide pleasure but also allow those who use them to get to know their own bodies better, “indicate LELO.

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