Trick With Your Mobile Will Avoid You Queuing At The Supermarket Ethics

Simple Trick With Your Mobile So you can know if there is a queue in the hyper where you want to go shopping for the week. Queues to buy food. Months ago this phrase would refer to a long line of people waiting in front of a Super Mercal in Jubidana or the Farmatodo de Chacao in Caracas. However, after more than two weeks of confinement caused by the coronavirus crisis, this phrase is used to speak of the Mercadona located on Calle Serrano 61 in Madrid.

Simple Trick With Your Mobile Will Avoid You Queuing At The Supermarket
Simple Trick With Your Mobile Will Avoid You Queuing At The Supermarket

This global pandemic has brought to Spain social and consumer dynamics difficult to imagine in Europe and whose stories were the meat of the pages of Internacional. However, now it is a palpable reality in the cities and towns of Spain since, to prevent the spread of infections, food shops open to the public are limiting the capacity. Restrictions that have made queues everyday.

A tessitura before which many citizens choose to make the purchase online. However, the situation in virtual supermarkets is sometimes complicated due to the saturation of orders. “I have been trying to order the purchase through Corte Inglés and Amazon Prime for three days. However, all the order slots are full,” says Purificación, a Chamberí neighbor who must quarantine by prescription.

The Consequences Of Failing To This Simple Trick With Your Mobile Will Avoid You Queuing At The Supermarket When Launching Your Business

A common situation about which many users complain on social networks and to which there is no choice but to wait for new slots. However, those who can take to the streets can avoid the queues in stores with a couple of simple tricks that we show you below. In this way, it will not be necessary to wait out in the open for our turn to buy basic products like milk or bread.

At this point in the film there is no doubt that Google knows you better than your own mother. An unpleasant fact for those most jealous of their privacy, which, however, can be exploited in these times of pandemic thanks to Google Maps. It is a service that millions of people use as GPS but that also has maps of shops and department stores.

Thanks to its geolocation services, which you probably have activated on your mobile without realizing it, it knows how crowded the places are at different times of the day and offers us comparative graphs with respect to other time zones.

In addition, the Internet giant will show us a message indicating the approximate waiting time to make our purchases in each time slot. This initiative of Tiendeo crosses the geolocation data with the valuations of the clients that are in each one of the supermarkets.

It is an initiative that works very well for supermarkets in city centers. However, it does not include many of the establishments located outside the central almond of large cities.

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