So you can lose kilos little by little, but effectively with exercise this new year

If after Christmas and the day of Kings you have gained weight that little by little you want to get rid of it. You should know that in addition to implementing small changes in the diet you can add exercise to lose kilos effectively in this new year.

Although human beings are not efficient when burning calories, the reality is that along with a healthy diet that we can implement this year, exercise is key to feeling better and gradually, burn everything we have eaten in the past holidays.


Pleasurable exercises

The main thing when exercising is not how many calories we burn or how much weight we load in the gym, but what we do is sustainable in time, that is, that generates adherence.

For this, it is essential that we like what we do for that, we must choose pleasant exercises that we can do today and always given the gratifying that we find.If it is an activity that we can always do, that we miss when we do not perform, then that is the right choice to achieve a fit body this year and burn little by little calories that allow us to lose weight effectively.Beyond what we always think: that cardio is the best option when losing weight, reality and science tell us otherwise.

exercise this new year
exercise this new year

Weights are very useful at the time of losing kilos and may even be more beneficial than cardio to get rid of the belly, since it has been proven to promote the oxidation of fats, increase metabolism and therefore, the expenditure of calories of the body and as if that were not enough, it helps us achieve good aesthetic changes.
Therefore, weights or weight training that promotes maintenance and above all a gain in muscle mass is essential if we want to get rid of the kilos more than once and forever this new year.

Of course, we must not forget that what we do should be pleasant and sustainable, therefore, we can choose dumbbells, bars, discs, TRX, medicine ball, self-loading exercises or others for our muscles but that result to our liking. be the sport or the activity that you choose to lose kilos this new year, do not forget that the intensity of the work must be adequate.That is to say, the exercises must be challenging, they must demand an effort to your body, otherwise, they will not originate changes in the same one.

If you always walk the same and at the same pace or speed, it is likely that a moment does not represent a challenge for your body and therefore, the effort does not translate into benefits. So, it’s time to add loads, speed or exercise time to your activity so that it re-poses a challenge and demands extra calories from your body.

Changing the routine is key to see progress and therefore, it is always essential to try that what we do is challenging. If what you like the most is cardio, be it running, cycling or swimming, you should know that the most Those that are useful to get rid of the extra kilos are those made at high intensity intervals or HIIT.

In a short time but very high intensity we can work with HIIT routines on any side or with the Tabata method to burn fat and many calories as well as encourage other good changes in our body that help us lose the kilos we have gained.You already know if you want to lose weight in this new year effectively, so should your training to achieve it.

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