Adds 832 Dead, The Highest Number In A Day, But “The Disease Is Stabilizing”

Spain Adds 832 Dead The death toll is the highest in a day. The number of infected is 72,248. 12,285 have been discharged

Spain Adds 832 Dead The Highest Number In A Day But
Spain Adds 832 Dead The Highest Number In A Day But

The dramatic count of figures that the coronavirus throws up daily in Spain continues to rise, both in number of cases and deaths. According to official data from the Ministry of Health, Spain today has a total of 72,248 confirmed positives, 13% more than those registered yesterday, and the deceased now totals 5,690, compared to 4,858 on Friday: if yesterday the increase in deaths with Compared to the previous day it was 769, today official data speaks of an increase of 832, the highest number of deaths in 24 hours since the pandemic began. In a single day there have been almost as many deaths in Spain from Covid-19 as there have been deaths in all of 2019 from traffic accidents (1,098).

The number of deaths from Covid-19 has multiplied by 162 in less than three weeks, while the number of discharges has increased by 334 and the number of infected by 53.2. It is the face and the cross of the coronavirus pandemic that plagues Spain.

The good news must be found in the number of patients cured, which today stands at 12,285, compared to 9,357 recorded yesterday. According to the ministerial figures, on March 9 there had been 28 discharges, so that in less than 19 days 12,257 had accumulated, at a rate of 645 healed each day.

According to these data, Fernando Simón, director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, has stated that “the disease is stabilizing, in some areas of the country it is reaching the peak of the curve that concerns us so much, and even some autonomies it seems that they are surpassing that peak, but it is necessary to be very cautious because these data are provisional “.

Even so, Simón has admitted that what is truly worrying is the level of saturation that the intensive care units (ICU) will reach in the coming days. According to the minister, the saturation “has already been reached in two communities and is about to be reached in others.”

Patients who become infected today “will need a ICU bed in seven or 10 days,” said Simon, “which implies that the saturation of these units will come at the end of next week or early next week.” For this reason, it is necessary to try to reduce the pressure on them as much as possible, “because they are the ones that will most contribute to reducing fatality.”

At the same press conference, the director of the Carlos III Health Institute, Raquel Yotti, reported that yesterday “we funded the first two research projects whose ultimate goal is to achieve an effective treatment.” They are focused on the preliminary phase of the disease and seek to slow down the immune phase. “Our team will monitor the projects weekly.”

Regarding the controversy of the defective tests that have had to be returned to China, Yotti explained that “we are doing more than 15,000 diagnostic tests a day and we continue to work to make available rapid and highly reliable diagnostic techniques that can be useful ”

Along the same lines, Patricia Lacruz, general director of Pharmacy, has assured that the Government of Spain is looking for the necessary diagnostic and protection material for professionals in various countries, not only in China, and has pointed out that of the 628 million invested The purchase of this material includes almost a million and a half masks that this weekend will be distributed among patients. As for the treatment of the disease to control the infection, María Jesús Lamas, director of the Spanish Agency for Medicines, has assured that of the 92 clinical trial proposals received to date, “we have authorized eight” of them.

The Single Best Strategy To Use For Spain Adds 832 Dead, The Highest Number In A Day, But “The Disease Is Stabilizing” Revealed

Another issue of concern concerns infected healthcare professionals, a figure that Simon has acknowledged to be significantly higher than, for example, in Italy (about 32% higher). The director of the Emergency Center has clarified, however, that “only 8.8% of cases among professionals have required hospitalization, compared to 42% in the case of the general population, which shows that many cases among professionals have been mild. ” Furthermore, he added that the high number of cases detected in this group can also be read as a result of the “enormous effort being made to detect all confirmed cases”.

Rodrigo Gutiérrez, general director of Professional Regulation of the Ministry of Health, has made a count of the professionals incorporated in the last days to the system to combat the disease, and there he has included the professionals who made the MIR in the 2018 call- 2019, to foreigners, both from outside and within the EU (although they still do not have the final approval of the title), to retired doctors and nurses, emeritus personnel and union freedmen, as well as final year students of Medicine and Nursing in support tasks. In addition, the Ministry of Justice has made forensic doctors distributed in the different communities available to the system, “to take advantage of their work according to their profiles.”

Regarding the remarkable mortality rate detected in Spain compared to other countries affected by the disease, Yotti acknowledges “an excess mortality at this time of year compared to data from other years, but including deaths from all pathologies , not only due to coronavirus “, so that it cannot be inferred from the data, according to the director of Carlos III, that in Spain there is” an underdiagnosis of Covid-19 cases “.

The royal guard joins the disinfection tasks being carried out by the UME, with a specific intervention in a nursing home in Tres Campos, according to the head of the Defense General Staff (Jemad), Miguel Ángel Villarroya, during the appearance before the press after the meeting of the Coronavirus Technical Management Committee.

The jemad has listed the latest disinfection interventions that have included seven hospitals, ten health centers and 152 nursing homes, which add up to the total of more than 100 hospitals, 100 health centers, 16 penitentiary centers and 1,083 nursing homes already treated. To this is added, among other recent actions, support for the installation of field hospitals in Calatayud and Zaragoza, and the setting up of a preventive isolation hospital in Melilla.

Likewise, Jemad has referred to participation in the procurement and distribution of medical supplies; specifically, an Airbus 400 aircraft has left the Zaragoza area base to collect the Covi-19 rapid detection tests in China. The armed forces have also distributed clinical material to the Leganés and Getafe hospitals, and have ensured the transport of biological tests to the Carlos III Institute. The army is also supporting the transfer of the bodies to the different makeshift morgues in this pandemic, and in the transfer of moderate patients between hospitals in Madrid.

The Secretary General for Transport and Mobility, María José Rallo, has announced that today the first request for masks ordered by the Ministry of Transport has been received: 1,200,000 to be distributed among health professionals, security forces and bodies and the transport staff.

During the press conference, the director of the Health Emergencies Coordination Center of the Ministry of Health, Fernando Simón, insisted that the data, although preliminary, indicate that the current problem is in the potential saturation of the ICU in the coming days. . He has also had the opportunity to remind people living with a patient affected by Covid-19 that their quarantine period is set at 14 days.

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