Power Of This Is How Spending Your Day In Front Of A Screen Affects Your Health

Spending Your Day In Front Confinement fills the screens these days. And yes, you can maintain a healthy life at home: we can do exercises, distract ourselves, maintain habits. But we must be aware of the problems.

Spending Your Day In Front Of A Screen Affects Your Health
Spending Your Day In Front Of A Screen Affects Your Health

Problems such as spending so much time sitting in front of a screen, be it the computer, teleworking, or the television, a tablet, etc. What problems are we talking about? Today we analyze how, and how not, it affects our health to spend so much time in front of devices.

Although the concerns now go to other directions, the truth is that sedentary lifestyle continues to be the origin of the greatest epidemic in the modern world. Sedentary lifestyle causes all kinds of problems, many of them serious. We know that it increases the risk of dying prematurely and that it could be behind around 3.2 million premature deaths a year. It also increases the likelihood of diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

Of course, it is directly related to obesity, but also to the quality of sleep, anxiety and depression. Do we really want to get carried away by habits that cost millions of lives a year? Sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst enemies we can find these days.

To combat it we can do several things. The first of them is, without a doubt, proposing a solid routine. A daily exercise table becomes almost essential when it comes to staying active. But also, let’s not lose sight of the rest of the time. Fighting sedentary lifestyle is not limited to exercising. We can take advantage to get up every 45 minutes, approximately, and do a little exercise or walk around the house a little.

This will help us mentally to maintain a spirit contrary to sedentary lifestyle. It will also help us to focus work better and will be a small valve for momentary stress. Finally, and as we will see later, it will also serve to combat another evil: back pain.

Remaining seated forces your back to maintain an unnatural posture. Worse still if we sit badly on top. The spinal column has evolved to present a series of curves. Its entire structure is “designed” to support the weight of the entire body, in movement and upright.

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As we sit, we change the weight distribution. Having a screen and tools in front of us, such as the keyboard and mouse, we tend to move the body forward over the spine. This causes a rectification in the lumbar curve and a kyphosis that is shown in the shoulder area. This position is not healthy and causes stress on the vertebral discs, which reduce the intervertebral space.

Staying too long in this position ends up loading the dorsal and lumbar muscles. This results in back, head and lower back pain. Therefore, to maintain good postural hygiene it is essential to get up every 45 minutes, at least, and walk or stand for at least five. In this way we return the function to the column.

It is also convenient to exercise to strengthen the muscles and some stretches that allow you to relax. In this way, we avoid overloading the muscles as much as possible. Remember, for those who are not used to working at home, the back is going to be one of the great victims of this extraordinary period.

There is a certain fear that screens will jeopardize our eye health. However, there is not a single piece of evidence to prove it. At least, not serious health problems. Fixing your eyes for a long time forces the muscles of the eye, especially when using “close” vision, forcing us to force focus. In the end, it will cost us much more to see what we have in front of us.

On the other hand, spending too much time in this state can cause dry eyes. This is a problem and manifests itself with that discomfort and itchiness of the eye. However, none of these are the origin of a progressive loss of vision, such as myopia or astigmatism. Nor are they really serious problems, such as glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration, to speak of some.

No. These problems, much more serious than dryness or tired eyesight, are not related to looking at a screen for a long time. There is also no evidence of the effect of blue light on the eye. This does not mean that we should not take care of our eyesight. Problems related to spending a lot of time in front of the screen are fatigue, dryness or an infection derived from it. These can worsen or worsen some of the most important ones, but they will not cause illnesses like the ones mentioned above.

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