Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Improve Spinach Muffins: Healthy Recipe

Strange Facts Although muffins are a sweet preparation in a traditional way, for those who are not very fond of sugars, we can opt for this dish in a salty version. Here the recipe for these simple spinach muffins that I recommend trying at home. To start making these spinach muffins that have really surprised me by their ease and pleasant taste, we must wash the fresh spinach leaves very well without removing its stem.

Strange Facts About Spinach Muffins Healthy Recipe
Strange Facts About Spinach Muffins Healthy Recipe

In a pan sprinkled with olive oil place the previously peeled and chopped onion, and the washed spinach cut into strips. Add a little salt (we can avoid it) and let both vegetables lose firmness.Remove from the heat the already tender vegetables and drain the preparation on a canvas or strainer helping us with a spoon to squeeze the mixture.

Once we get the spinach and onion as dry as possible, place them in a bowl next to the eggs, oat bran, oats and whole wheat flour previously mixed with the chemical impeller. Season with black pepper and nutmeg or other spices if we want and mix all the ingredients well.

How To Find Out Everything There Is To Know About Spinach Muffins: Healthy Recipe In 9 Simple Steps

In molds for muffins sprinkled or brushed with oil, place the previous mixture by spoonfuls and take to the moderate oven (180 °) for 25 minutes, incorporating a few minutes before removing them from the oven a bucket of cheese above each muffin if we wish.

These tasty spinach muffins are a plate full of protein and fiber so they easily satisfy. I prepared them for the meal and accompanied them with boiled quinoa, without more, but if we wish they can compose a complete dinner accompanied by a fresh salad. They are free of refined flours and include ingredients of high nutritional quality, so they are suitable for our diet to lose weight and also recommended for children.

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