TCL works on a folding mobile that turns into a bracelet-shaped smartwatch, according to CNET

folding mobile It is clear that 2019 will be the year of the folding devices (with the permission of 5G phones): we have been hearing about patent registered by different manufacturers, such as LG, we have seen the prototype of Samsung on stage and a video of the of Xiaomi, and there are even several brands, such as Huawei, that could take their proposals to the MWC.

The last one to join this “fashion” is TCL, a company known for its economic televisions and for its BlackBerry Mobile and Alcatel brands. According to CNET, it is working on at least five devices that use flexible screens, including two tablets, two smartphones and a flexible phone that could be turned into a smartwatch.

TCL works
TCL works

The first could arrive in 2020

Following statements from a company representative and some image files of patents, CNET ensures, as we say, that TCL is working on five devices with a flexible screen. Of the two tablets, one would have a screen that folds inward, while the other would have a screen on the outside, like Royole’s FlexPai.

As for smartphones, there would also be two variants that bend in and out, but both would fold horizontally, like a traditional shell-type phone. The last device seems to be an elongated phone capable of curling into a bracelet around a wrist, a concept similar to the Nubia Alpha we saw in the last IFA.

folding mobile
folding mobile

As CNET rightly says, when it comes to patents, TCL could change or reject its plans, but an executive of the company already assured this medium last month that they plan to launch their first folding device in 2020, though, without specifying which of They would be because the company is developing several different.

“It’s not just smartphones,” said Stefan Streit, general manager of global marketing at TCL, in an interview with CNET at CES, adding that other consumer products such as portable devices, appliances and televisions could also benefit from the new folding technology.

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