The most important rules to buy on sale intelligently

Most of our favorite stores have already started with the sales – some of them, like Mango, for several days -. The options to buy during these sales are not only multiple, but they are very varied. To rebates in physical store, are added online sales that almost all the best known clothing stores have launched. And, of course, we can buy the best deals at online stores such as Asos.

The most important rules to buy on sale intelligently
The most important rules to buy on sale intelligently

With so many options and facilities, it is very difficult to resist. However, we can not forget that, not so long ago, we were taking advantage of the Black Friday sales and, even less, buying the Christmas gifts. It is more than possible that our pockets have not recovered completely and that we do not need everything we intend to buy. Therefore, in order not to make an unnecessary expense, and not to finish with numerous objects and garments in our wardrobe that we will never use, we can follow these simple tips to buy intelligently in these sales.

Make a list of everything you wan

The first step to go shopping is that we make a list of the things we want to buy. For this, it is a good idea to go to stores a few days before or visit their websites and take a good look at what they offer us. Having a list of the things we want will help us to go to fixed shot and not deviate in other things that we can see, however low they are.

The most important rules to buy on sale intelligently
The most important rules to buy on sale intelligently

Now make a list of what you need

It is very good to have a list of all the things that we want to buy on sale, but it is smarter to also make a list of things that we really need. Once we make this second list, we can compare it with the list of things we want. If there are more things in that list than in the needs, it is more likely that several of them are whims. This does not mean that we can not buy any whim, but we must take into account this information when we carry out the following advice.

Make a budget

Going without a budget to rebates can mean that we spend on them beyond our means. And it is that, those prices so well thought out are of the most tempting for anybody. Therefore, before launching into stores, it is a good idea to think about how much money we have, how much we can spend on sales and how much we really want to spend. Put in a budget and stay true to it. If this budget does not reach you to buy everything that appears on the wish list, you will have to cut back on those things that do not match the needs.

The most important rules to buy on sale intelligently
The most important rules to buy on sale intelligently

Less is more also in sales

The offers of clothes or objects at very low prices can be very tempting, but perhaps it is smarter to dedicate our sales budgets to objects that, at other times, would not be within our reach.

The sales are a great time to take advantage of the good discounts on clothing and items that tend to have a higher price and that we know we will use and will last longer. Maybe this is a good time to put aside the 5.99 shirts and take advantage to buy that versatile bag of good quality that we have been wanting for years. We will be buying less things, but we will probably get more out of them.

Make sure you are going to use what you buy

The clothes are so beautiful hanging on the hangers or on the model and it is at such a tempting price that it is difficult to resist. But how many times have you finished with a lot of lowered clothes that you have only used once? Or nothing. Before buying a garment we must consider well if we do it because we need it, we really like it and we will take advantage of it or, simply, because it is lowered. If you do not see yourself putting it on more than a couple of times, no matter how low you are, you’re probably better off staying on the hanger.

For this step it usually comes well to do a previous review of what we have in the closet, the things that no longer serve us, the things we have to throw away, the things we have but have never used, etc. In this way we will get a good idea of what we need, what needs to be replaced and what we will never use.

Get with basic

Every season the clothes that are in fashion are changing and the fashionable clothes lowered now surely are those of last season and will not be worn again next season. Therefore, it might be better to leave the purchase of some pieces of trend for the new season and use these rebates to buy timeless clothes that do not go out of style.

Strengthening our wardrobe background with basics that never go out of style will assure us that we will use the clothes we buy now for a long, long time. In this way, we will be able to take advantage of the investment we make during these sales.

Try on your clothes before you take them

Especially, when we buy in physical stores, it can be exhausting and exhausting to stop to try on our clothes. During these dates the testers of the shops are crowded and, between the amount of people there and the tired we are walking, we do not want to stop to try. Much less if we have already entered several stores.

However, the problem of taking a garment without proving it is that, if it is not our size or we do not like how we have left, we have less chance of going to return it, simply because we do not have to return. In this way, we will be trapped with a pledge that we have paid and that does not work for us, when we could have spent that money on something more appropriate. Therefore, no matter how few we want, the best thing is that we always have problems with our clothes before we go shopping.

Better in cash than with a card

In recent times almost all of us pay for everything with a credit card and only throw cash in specific situations. We can not deny the comfort of this. However, in sales it may not be such a good idea to do so. When we pay with a card it is a bit more complicated to keep track of what we have spent.

Therefore, if we have put a budget, the best we can do is take that money and spend only that. If we finish it, we stop buying. If we still have money, but we have already bought all the items on our list, we can re-enter the remaining money. Or maybe we can use it to go have a coffee with a friend or have dinner with a loved one. We do not need to spend it on more reduced items that we do not really need and that money will be much better spent on something that makes us really happy.

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