Tips To Grow Your 19 Recipes To Keep Cholesterol Under Control

Undeniable Facts  Cholesterol is a necessary lipid in our body but that in excess represents a cardiovascular risk factor. Therefore, for those with hypercholesterolemia, we leave 19 recipes that help keep cholesterol under control. Although the cholesterol we eat has little influence on the levels we have in our blood, there are foods that can increase them in our body, as is the case with those sources of sugars and refined flours, trans fats or alcohol.

Undeniable Facts About 19 Recipes To Keep Cholesterol Under Control
Undeniable Facts About 19 Recipes To Keep Cholesterol Under Control

On the contrary, foods that favor cholesterol control are those rich in fiber, in quality fats or in plant sterols such as fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fatty or blue fish, extra virgin olive oil, legumes and grains Whole.Always included in the framework of healthy eating and accompanying with other good habits, these recipes can be of great help to keep cholesterol under control:

Buckwheat and bean salad: it is an option with a lot of fiber and vegetable proteins that also satisfies us easily, preventing us from going to unfavorable foods or dishes to control cholesterol. Artichokes in light sauce with raisins and pine nuts: artichokes as well as pine nuts offer us plant sterols and lots of fiber that help reduce the absorption of cholesterol in our intestines.

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Sauteed brown rice, lentils and vegetables: avoiding grated cheese and being able to use soy lecithin in its replacement, we achieve an ideal vegan dish to obtain fiber and vegetable sterols that reduce cholesterol in the body.Carpaccio of mushrooms with nuts and pomegranate: both mushrooms and nuts provide fiber and sterols that are favorable, while pomegranate offers its powerful antioxidants. This easy to make carpaccio is ideal for the appetizer. Roasted pumpkin seeds or seeds: as a healthy snack we can make these roasted pipes, filled with fiber, vegetable proteins and quality fats. Oatmeal and apple cookies: with whole grains, nuts and fruit these cookies are perfect for breakfast.

Salad of kale cabbage massaged with blueberries, feta, almonds and apricot dressing: for dressing we recommend avoiding jam as well as sugar when making a homemade compote, however, in this salad we find many helpful nutrients when we have such high cholesterol like fiber, quality proteins and good fats.
Low-carb fitness buns: to replace white bread and subtract refined flour, these buns offer a lot of fiber and quality fats. Chia pudding with raspberries, kiwi and coconut: replacing honey with sweeteners, this pudding is ideal for dessert, obtaining the same quality and useful nutrients for when we have to control blood cholesterol.

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