Variations of Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani is made from rice and is a traditional Indian dish. The word biryani means “rice cooked in the water” and as per the ancient recipe, biryani is a blend of different ingredients that give the biryani a unique taste.

Vegetable Biryani Is No Friend To Small Business Now
Vegetable Biryani Is No Friend To Small Business Now

With the increasing demand for vegetarian food in the world today, the world over people is looking for different variations of the vegetarian biryani. In recent years a new Biryani dish has emerged which is a blend of some rice grains, some vegetables, chickpeas, and sometimes the addition of spicy and tangy sauces.

Biryani made of vegetables is a lot healthier than that made of meat and it is also tasty and delectable.  biryani is mainly prepared using small rice grains which are traditionally found only in Sindh, a province in the south of India. If you are looking for a dish that can be easily prepared at home then this is the one for you.

As per the traditional recipe, it is made by boiling rice with any combination of spices and adding any amount of water if required. While vegetable biryani requires a lot of time and labor, it is also very economical.

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Restaurant-style Vegetable Biryani is a hot favorite in many Indian homes. This can be prepared very quickly and conveniently in the kitchen of your home. Restaurants take great care in preparing this dish and serve it in the exotic flavors that you would never find at home.

The Vegetables used for these dishes are easily available and require no cooking. You can add a variety of spices to the mix and have a dish that is tasty and healthy. No matter which type of Vegetable you use for the dish, you can be assured of having a delicious meal that is healthy too.

One of the common Vegetables used in Indian Biryani dishes is Carrot, which is most commonly found in restaurants. Carrots are known for their natural sweetness and can be used in making your dishes interesting and tasty.

Parsley, Onions, Ginger, Garlic, and Capsicum are used for the flavoring of Indian cooking. You can use all these spices as per your desire and taste and experiment with different combinations.

Recipes for the Vegetable Biryani are easy to prepare. It is always good to add any hot spices like cumin or Cayenne to your dish to add a spicy flavor. This would enhance the taste of the dish.

Another variation of  Biryani is the Creole version. Traditionally used in Louisiana, Creole biryani uses different spices to make it special, like adding some Spices to your rice before steaming and adding gravy to it before serving.

There are several variations of this Biryani recipe such as vegetarian Vegetable Biryani and non-vegetarian Vegetable Biryani. Both these variations are quite delicious and nutritious.

A variation on  Biryani is the vegetarian Biryani, which is best for those who are vegetarian. Vegetable Biryani also makes a good starter with any other dishes.

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