Chow Mein Recipe with Homemade Meat and Vegetables

Vegetable Chow Mein Recipe is a popular dish of Asian origin. Its name in Spanish means scrambled noodles, which begins to give an idea of the recipe. The basis of this preparation is rice noodles, which can be combined in infinite ways. When cooked with vegetables they are light and healthy, but above all, delicious.

Vegetable Chow Mein Recipe with Homemade Meat and Vegetables
Vegetable Chow Mein Recipe with Homemade Meat and Vegetables


½ package of rice noodles
1 small carrot
½ red pepper
½ green pepper
½ cup broccoli
½ cup mushrooms
1 clove garlic
1 chive
1 teaspoonful of ginger
Extra virgin olive oil

For the sauce

4 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons of sesame oil
1 tablespoon of rice vinegar
Roasted sesame seeds

Ingredients for Chow mein with vegetables for 4 people

Heat a saucepan with water. When it starts to boil, put the noodles to cook. Cooking time may depend on the brand used. When al dente, drain and cut the cooking in cold water. Drain again and add a splash of oil so that they do not stick. Reserve.
Mix the soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice vinegar in a small bowl. Reserve.
Replace a container of water. When it boils, cook the broccoli for about three to four minutes. After this time, drain and reserve.
Wash and cut carrots and bell peppers into julienne strips. Reserve.
Finely chop the chives and garlic into thin slices. Reserve.
Clean the mushrooms with a kitchen cloth, avoiding putting them under the running water. Cut into sheets. Reserve.
Heat a wok. If this utensil is not available, use a large skillet. Pour a jet of olive oil and start to fry the chives and garlic. Then the carrot and then the peppers. When these vegetables are tender, add the mushrooms, broccoli, and sauce. Do not let the vegetables overdo it. Add the noodles and mix all of them.
Give a final point of salt and pepper.
Serve to decorate with sesame seeds and finely chopped chives. It can also be added with a sauce, to the taste of each diner.

Prepare this delicious dish inspired by Asian flavors, it is very tasty and has attractive colors. It is an ideal dish for vegetarians, although, if you wish, you can add chicken strips and it will be even more substantial. Prepare it and enjoy the aromas of Chinese food at home.

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