Using Foods Rich In Carbohydrates To Take Before A Resistance Race Training

Foods Rich In Carbohydrates The quintessential fuel in our body is carbohydrates, so in the diet prior to an effort its intake is key. If it is a long-term physical effort, we will need complex carbohydrates that gradually provide us with energy. Therefore, we show you the best foods rich in hydrates to take before resistance training. It is a fitness food par excellence, and although it is a good source of hydrates it also provides us with vegetable proteins, a minimum of fats and fiber.

What To Do About Foods Rich In Carbohydrates To Take
What To Do About Foods Rich In Carbohydrates To Take

Therefore, we do not recommend its intake if we are not used to its consumption. And it is always advisable to accompany it with other foods such as fruit or milk that also add hydrates to the dish. Thus, some good options to eat before the effort are an porridge for breakfast, oatmeal burgers and pumpkin for a meal, a soup or some soft biscuits.

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It is among the fruits one of the highest concentration of hydrates and also provides minerals that the body of an athlete needs. It is always advisable to accompany it with some cereal or milk to add complex hydrates and proteins to the preparation.

Thus, we can include the banana in a pre-effort shake, a smoothie bowl, some oatmeal chocolates, some pancakes, muffins and other recipes. Like the banana, potatoes are a great source of hydrates among vegetables and we can incorporate them with other vegetables in steamed, roasted or cooked preparations but al dente.

In this way we will obtain resistant starch that delays the digestive process and will allow us to make glucose rise gradually in the body representing a good source of energy for a long-lasting or resistance training. We can thus consume a potato salad with salmon or with tuna and tomato before the effort or even, taste some stuffed potatoes, some steamed potatoes in the microwave or some roasted potatoes with skin.The whole or refined pasta but al dente, is always a good option for the meal before the effort , especially if it is combined with various vegetables that reduce their glycemic index.

Thus, before resistance training, it is recommended a pasta with vegetables and tuna, a vegetable lasagna, a lentil paste or another legume, among other healthy recipes. With rice it happens as with pasta, we can choose the refined option With vegetables and proteins that slow down your metabolism or opt for brown rice if we are used to its consumption.

Recommended dishes with rice are a rice pudding for breakfast that we can accompany with a fresh fruit or chopped nuts, risotto with vegetables and mushrooms, rice salad with tuna or brown rice with melon and sesame, although white bread could be good option if we combine it with various vegetables and protein sources, whole wheat bread is always a better alternative in nutritional terms.

That is, bread based on wholemeal or whole grain flour of one or more cereals. Homemade options are this whole grain bread with seeds or this spelled and rye bread, among others. And with them we can make various toasts or snacks.

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