What Are The 7 Main Benefits Of The Five Best Yoga Videos To Train At Home

Will The Five Best Yoga Videos is one of the physical activities that we like the most to do at home. And is that sunrise and practice Yoga as the first activity of the day can be a delight and help us stay active for the rest of the day. However, starting to practice at home without a teacher can be complicated. Luckily, there are very complete applications that help us, as well as videos that guide us in our training. Here we bring you some of our favorite Yoga videos to train at home.

Will The Five Best Yoga Videos To Train At Home Ever Die
Will The Five Best Yoga Videos To Train At Home Ever Die

Of course, and how could it be otherwise, the first recommendation is our YouTube channel. Within our channel we can find videos that will help us with our fitness workouts, but also routines and videos to help us in our Yoga practice. One of our favorites is the sun salutation routine for beginners that can be done in five minutes. Step by step we can learn how to do it and follow it, in addition to learning what it is for us to practice sun salutation. An ideal routine to start the morning.

Xuan Lan is one of the best-known Yoga teachers in our country, among other things because she was a teacher in the television program Operación Triunfo. Lan teaches to practice Yoga through his blog, books and through his YouTube channel where we can find very varied and complete routines that adapt to any of our needs. For beginners who start training at home Xuan Lan has a 15-minute routine that we can do even if our fitness is not very good. An ideal routine to mobilize our body first thing in the morning.

Elena Malova is a personal trainer and yogi who shares both complete and diverse training in her YouTube account and in her blog. In your account we find original, fun and varied Yoga workouts. If what we are looking for is a very complete training that asks us for more intensity, it has a 45-minute power vinyasa Yoga routine that will put our cardiovascular system to work.

Whatever They Told You About The Five Best Yoga Videos To Train At Home Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

Adriene is an actress and writer, but also a teacher of Yoga and mindfulness. Its YouTube channel has 5.7 million subscribers and it is not surprising since the simplicity and sympathy with which it shares its knowledge makes them much more accessible for everyone. It is a very complete channel in which we can find very different trainings to help us deal with stomach problems, vertigo or chronic pain. We will also find workouts to activate the whole body or to work our self-esteem. One of our favorite workouts is that he helps us release stress.

When we access the Fightmaster Yoga channel, our best option is to check the playlists. In them the videos are organized by categories so that we can choose the one that best suits us and follow the different videos that it presents. For example, it has a playlist to practice Yoga every day, from Monday to Sunday, in different routines with different times.

In the Bad Yogi channel, we accept and understand the mistakes we can make in our Yoga practice. It is a channel that helps to make this activity more fun and casual, so it is very motivating. Especially for beginners. A wonderful option that we love are videos with Yoga routines in just one minute. Thanks to them we can start small and without spending too much time. see all videos

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