Xiaomi Mi 9: 48 megapixels in a triple and notch configuration according to the latest filtered images

Everything seemed to indicate that the Xiaomi Mi 9 would meet during the 48 megapixels Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but the Chinese manufacturer has taken off with an announcement that places it days before. Specifically, on February 20, stealing the role of a Samsung Galaxy S10 that has suffered its greatest leak to date. Although the Mi 9, everything is said, it is not far behind.

Xiaomi Mi 9
Xiaomi Mi 9

The Xiaomi model has been filtered again, but now in the form of real images in the hands of an unknown user. A theoretical Mi 9, of course, because nothing can be given as 100% true until the manufacturer does not take the stage and let us see it live. However, what this filtration puts on the table is more than interesting, especially by the 48-megapixel rear sensor of the phone. One of the three

48 megapixels and a possible button for Assistant

Something we thought we already knew about the Xiaomi Mi 9, as it would contain a Snapdragon 855 inside, apparently with only the integrated X24 modem, which would make the phone have only 4G connectivity. Yes, at 2Gbps of speed. We also thought we knew that there would be three cameras behind him or that his screen, 6.4 inches and AMOLED, would have a small notch in the shape of a drop of water. All this seems to confirm with the photographs of the phone.

In them we can see the supposed Xiaomi Mi 9 from almost every angle. We can see its front, mostly occupied by the screen, whose diagonal would correspond with the filtering so far, and wearing the notch in the form of a drop of water at the top. A notch that must contain the front camera, which should recognize our face thanks to the artificial intelligence of the phone. And speaking of artificial intelligence, a suspicious button on the side of the phone could indicate that it was dedicated to Xiaomi AI, or to Google Assistant in its absence. Or will it be for the camera?


On the back, apparently glass, we would find the three sensors in the upper left. One of them would be 48 megapixels, the other 12 megapixels and the third would be a 3D TOF sensor for depth readings, so it would not have photographic functions but measurement. Of course, the Dual Tone LED flash appears under the three sensors. This would leave the rest of the back shell bare, with no fingerprint reader, which should be under the screen. But also without signs of a possible NFC chip, which we hope will finally arrive.

There is another photo in which we can see the information section of the phone. That’s where we see that it would carry MIUI in its version, running on Android 9 Pie, also the Snapdragon 855 at 2.84GHz and the memories: 6GB in RAM and 128GB in internal storage. Other data, not shown in the photographs, point to 3,500 mAh of battery with fast charge of 27W, a USB port type C and Gorilla Glass 5 running through the body. As we say, we should see it on February 20.

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