Xiaomi shows a fingerprint reader that unlocks the mobile by clicking anywhere on the screen

The sensor of traces under the screen continues evolving and, sample of it, is that Xiaomi already works in a prototype that will be able to unblock the telephone almost pressing in any part of the frontal. But not everything is reduced to the dimensions of the unlocking area, but the detector will be faster and more precise, thus improving the safety of the mobile.

With this, Xiaomi seeks to continue improving its premium range after the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 EE, and it is expected to include this new technology in its next flagships.

Xiaomi shows a fingerprint reader that unlocks the mobile by clicking anywhere on the screen
Xiaomi shows a fingerprint reader that unlocks the mobile by clicking anywhere on the screen

Increased unlocking surface

The president and co-founder of Xiaomi, Lin Bin, has been in charge of unveiling the new fingerprint sensor in which the brand works by publishing a video on Weibo. In it, you can see a prototype smartphone with next generation fingerprint sensor with a larger area of ​​action than the Mi 8 Pro or the Mi 8 EE.

But not only is it bigger, it’s also easier to use. To configure the fingerprint, just one touch of the finger is enough, which is already an important advance over its competitors, which in many cases require several steps to register the fingerprint.


It will also be easier to unlock the screen with the new sensor of Xiaomi, since it can be done pressing almost anywhere on the front of the phone. Thus, the unlocking area would be 50 x 25 mm, measures five times larger than the area of ​​action of the fingerprint sensors of today. It also surpasses the later standard scanner of Xiaomi phones, being up to 15 times larger.

Faster, more accurate and more expensive

The new sensor footprints in which the company works is also faster and more accurate and, according to Bin, these improvements will inevitably lead to an increase in the price of the company’s phones that include this technology.

At the moment, Xiaomi has tested the fingerprint sensor in a prototype phone, but does not rule out taking it to its future devices soon. Thus, according to Bin, if the sensor has a great reception among the followers of the brand, “the company will consider placing it on their phones”. Maybe in the Mi 9 and the Mi 9 Pro? We’ll have to wait a little longer to confirm it.

The new sensor of tracks of Xiaomi could arrive in the next Mi 9 and Mi 9 Pro:

But Xiaomi is not the only manufacturer that works on improving the footprint sensors under the screen. Also the Chinese company OPPO has launched the well-known as “Optical Screen Fingerprinting Technology” that allows to unlock the screen of the mobile almost anywhere on the front. Its area of action is, in principle, equal to that revealed by Xiaomi, becoming 15 times higher than the current rear sensors.

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