Five Yoga And Pilates Videos To Exercise At Home During Quarantine

Yoga And Pilates Videos We have already been confined for a few days due to the coronavirus crisis, and training at home has become essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle now that we cannot go outside. If you have already tried our training videos with your own body weight, and those in which you will only need simple material such as elastic bands or a rope, perhaps it is a good time to start in other disciplines such as Yoga or Pilates.

Yoga And Pilates Videos To Exercise At Home During Quarantine
Yoga And Pilates Videos To Exercise At Home During Quarantine

Both Yoga and Pilates are part of the body-mind activities that allow us to improve our strength, flexibility and body control, in addition to improving neuromuscular connections, making us more aware of our movements and how we move in space. Here are five different Yoga and Pilates videos with which you can start working. Remember that the key is to keep moving, even if we are indoors.

One of the best known sequences of Yoga practice is undoubtedly the Salutation to the sun. Through this sequence we work the strength of our arms and legs and test the muscles of our core, at the same time that we perform a combination of flexions and extensions of our spine.

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In this video we explain how to do the Yoga Sun Salutation step by step, so that you can put it into practice from your own home. Doing a few reps when you wake up is a great way to start your day full of energy.

The Hundred or Hundred of Pilates is, without a doubt, the best known exercise in the entire repertoire of this discipline. It helps us, above all, to work the muscles of our core and to become more aware of our breathing. In this video we explain how you can do the Hundred if you are a beginner, moving step by step through each of the progressions necessary to get to complete it.

To continue working our central area, we leave you this video with five different Yoga positions in which we challenge our core muscles. In the video you can find exercises with different levels of difficulty to work the abdomen according to your level: you can start with the simplest and, once you have gained strength, move on to more complicated ones.

Leg work can also be intense in disciplines such as Yoga, which help us gain strength in the lower body through different postures. In this video you can find a complete sequence consisting of five different poses: the three warrior poses and two variations of the chair pose or Utkatasana. You can start practicing each pose separately and then link them all together.

Having good joint mobility is essential to practice any sport, but especially in some disciplines such as Yoga or Pilates, where we will need a good range of joint mobility to correctly perform some postures or movements. In this video you can find five different exercises to improve the mobility of your spine, your ankles and hips, and thus continue to improve in the other disciplines you practice.

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